1. Kojak

    Now the academy can replace that old Malick’s photo by this new one, with the same hat and beard, but with new boobies…

  2. Swearin

    “Mmm, you have a lot of tension in your lower back, let me get that for you…okay, now while I’m doing this, you get Natalie’s upper back…shh, shhh, it’s alright, we’re all a family here…”

  3. YEs

    Also, her hairline is all fucked like she’ll be bald soon. Ya know With every picture I see I find her less hot. Its the jewmones in her (jew hormones.) They ruin a girl faster than being filipino, mexican or italian.

    • Shendue

      Actually, it’s a thing called aging. I know you yankees don’t have it, it’s because either your woman are so obese you can’t see the wrinkles or they overdo plastic surgery and they start looking like an inflatable doll, but i assure you it’s pretty normal.

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