1. jc

    I love this…in pic# 6, is she actually shushing the cop? priceless!

  2. Tyler

    I didn’t think she could get any stupider but that sure went to shit.

  3. The Voice

    Is she actually telling an Officer of the Law to shut up? If she did she should have been arrested because last time I checked it was a felony to disrespect a police officer.

    My bet she’s going to be the next Lindsay Lohan before 2011 hits the bell.

    • snarkyscreenname

      Where did you ever glean that its a felony to disrespect an officer. You can talk AAAAALLLLLL the shit you want as long as you don’t threaten the officer or physically confront the officer. Call ‘em names, tell ‘em to fuck off. They can’t do shit about you running your mouth, but you better be legal while you are doing it, because you can bet your ass if you start shit-talkin’, they are gonna start LOOKING for an actual reason to take you to jail.

      **first hand knowledge having spent several years dating a police officer***

      • snarkyscreenname

        That being said, who tells a cop to “Shhh, hold on” while they are busy on the phone. Seriously, this little egomaniac needs her ass busted.

  4. BESP

    spoiled bitchlet

  5. toopier

    Wait just a minute…can’t you see I am on the phone! lolz

  6. millie

    You knob-eaters don’t know what she was saying or doing when this photo was taken, so go back to your useless lives and shut the fuck up

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