1. The brown eye of Sauron.

  2. mark

    I’m not at all attracted to this repugnant dimwit. I don’t like her or her vile tongue. though I will take a look if her corn wagon accidently makes an appearance through some no doubt unpleasantly fragrant wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Carlos T. Jackal

    By now, Billy Ray is just praying that the (inevitable) sex tape won’t feature a black guy…

  4. The Dude

    Is that Dennis Rodman, or is he still in Korea?

  5. Gipofiz

    Somebody kill her please…

  6. LaLaRue

    Sad and pathetic little girl.

  7. Susan

    when her sense of moral values kick back in this girl will be a suicide risk…she must not have any real friends to put a boot in her ass and clean up her act

  8. jep

    I’d be happy to touch it for her if she gets tired.

  9. look at my weak, bony legs and flat ass ya’ll!

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