1. Venkman007

    Dear Miley Cyrus-

    Please go away.

    Pretty Much Everyone.

  2. JC

    Semi-serious question: Yes, she’s doing this all in a desperate attempt for continuing attention and relevance, but do the 13-year-old girls who (presumably) make up most of her fan base really want to watch Miley diddle herself for two hours? If so, everything I’ve been told about women watching porn is wrong.

    • Aunt Cracker

      They may want to be Miley but likely not watch that any more than 10 minutes. She’s not the best role model but at least she’s not the worst.

    • tlmck

      They interviewed some of the 20 something Olympians several were fans of Miley, especially the male athletes.

  3. Freebie

    What outrageous stunt is she going to do next to get attention? F**k a dog onstage?

  4. Piece of fucking white trash!

  5. Bane

    Just get into porn already.

  6. Andie


  7. She could be another one of those porn actresses who both doesn’t like sex and is a lousy actor.

  8. eatme


  9. Her parents must be very proud.

    • oh they are- honest.
      billy ray even did a remake of achey breakey heart (a rap version) and he even added some lines including making mention of his daughter’s twerking. so yes, they are indeed proud of her “shows”

  10. She is truly pathetic.

  11. K-tron

    Damon Albarn’s still got it. But he shouldn’t degrade himself for a check like this. Where is all that “Song 2″ money?

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Do you love me now, Daddy?”

  13. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Though, to be fair, anyone this fvcked up – Mommy was in on the “game” too.

  14. It’s nothing that Jim Morrison didn’t do, of course he was high and it wasn’t choreographed. I guess we’ve come (no pun intended) a long way.

  15. J

    Miley please get rid of that 96’ Nick Carter hairstyle.

  16. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Next person who complains about Goody Two Shoes Taylor – gets a “Swift kick in nutz”!

  17. IndustrialBunni

    So insane that anyone could dislike her. Especially women.

  18. When is her Teen Mom episode set to debut?

  19. Seriously, WTF is wrong with this chick? Mental.

  20. I fucking love it. She’s so sexy. She’s my favourite right now. Hopefully she does some porn in the future or I at least get to see the goods.

  21. Sidse

    I found my clitoris! My parents will be so proud.

  22. Sd Latka


  23. coljack

    “‘You’ll never make it,’ they said. ‘The only way you’ll ever get out of this podunk state is if you become a stripper or one of them porn stars.’ I showed them!”

  24. Billy Ray Cyrus

    What a skank.

  25. Hugh Evers

    For the first time I think I respect her as an artist.

  26. I’m already have sociopathic tendencies to put this loser out of her misery and funk. This child must really hate her life.

  27. Dirty Travolta

    That looks soo gross , but as sad and pathetic as I am . I would still eat that out and probably get salmonella. I wish someone would kick me in the duck now .

  28. Dirty Travolta

    Duck , dick whatever . Just slit my wrist .

  29. elderly

    You guys are nuts! She’s young, hot, smart, and making a killing. What are /you/ accomplishing?

  30. dick thunder

    I never understood why people slam her, yet Taylor Swift has dated like, 50 guys, Vanessa Hudgins posted nudes on the internet and Selena Gomez has been in drug rehab, yet no one slams them for not being good role models. Raise your own damn kids.

    • I agree some of the comments here are inexcusably vicious to a girl barely out of her teens, but she is flagrantly courting the lowest common denominator (all the way to the bank, as is her right.) I’ve just been a fan of hers for a long time, and this is just… I don’t even have words.

  31. When looking at her I can only think she is like a stopped clock twice a day I think damn I would hit that…then the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 58 seconds I thank eww nasty….

  32. tlmck

    She has the hait syle, but she’s no Joey Heatherton.

  33. gumbypokey

    What the fuck is this bitch trying to prove to everyone? Grow the fuck up you whore.

  34. “Yeah I’m a wrecking ball, genital warts an all.”

  35. Allion

    That is music.

  36. Audience: “Oh god, why does it suddenly smell like New Jersey Beachwood shore at low tide in here?”

  37. Mitch

    Her hand looks like that of a midget.

  38. Minky Wail

    Minnie Pear used to do shit like this at the Grand Ole Opry all the time – and hers had a price tag hanging out of it.

  39. Mama Pinkus

    there is NOTHING sexy or erotic about that gal

  40. is this before or after she shot out the ping pong balls?

  41. Robert

    Dear Miley, I know you think you so very outrageous but, in reality, you are simply an annoying little c$%t.

  42. it’s taken me several days to admit this, but this pic turns me on. Is she a horrible person? Yes. (Shame faps)

  43. Helena Handbasket

    Team Sinead


  45. I really didn’t expect the comments section of TheSuperficial to look like it was written by a bunch of Baptist old ladies. I love how slutty she’s acting. Getting up onstage and spreading her legs, my first thoughts were how much I’d like to be hitting that and not what her parents must think. She’s not very cute, but she looks like she’d be a lot of fun for a few hours.

  46. mentallo

    So this is what 14 year olds watch these days? Considering that most of Mileys fans are female doesn’t it make you wonder what she is selling and who she is selling it to? She is not trying to turn those girl fans on, she is teaching them what to do. What men want. What the world wants from them. Which is constantly referencing sex and porn. There is no space for “insights” or “thought” in general. Its all about the tits and ass. Its about money. Its about selling yourself. Being wanted sexually is the most important thing any woman can hope for. Being outrageous and simulating porn-sex (not normal, everyday sex mind you) is the fashion these days. Miley Inc. is the most corrupt and cynical act this world has ever seen. Remember Debbie Gibson from the 80′s? How often did she show her tits and vagina? Never,.. and that’s why she is a footnote now. Miley will be with us forever and you know why?…We saw her tits, her ass and her pussy. She is a trailblazer in a world of marketing that has no boundaries left. Think about what’s next after Miley. What will we see? What is left? This is not Elvis shaking his hips too much. This is “where else can we go after we have seen a 21 year old’s vagina and breasts on more occasions then we care to think about”. The next step is having Miley have a gangbang with 20 men while she is sucking off a horse. (Not even kidding here.) That is the next step. Here we have a girl that throughout her hugely successful career has made literally a billion dollars being the nice girl on the Disney channel. Her fans at the time were 8-12 years old. All those girls are growing up and Miley is teaching them how to grow up in todays porn and sex obsessed culture. Miley is a good teacher. Miley will show them whats cool and what men will love. Miley will also make sure to show you where to buy all the merch you need to achieve this level desirability. She has been set free, to not only show her boob during the superbowl like Janet Jackson, but to show her vagina at every concert she performs. If satan existed and he had money, she definitely sold her soul to him. The only problem is that she is changing society. She is the mouthpiece of a new way of marketing pop stars. She is showing the way for a world that has reached the limit of what is considered “outrageous” . We are all sick and tired of getting advertised to constantly. Ad Agencies have given up trying to be disruptive in a traditional sense. They have reached the end. The next step is the experiment called “Miley Cyrus”. Is the public ready to embrace a product that is as close to being “taboo” as possible and I think they have found their new formula. Porn has always been there in one form or another. It made its way more and more into popular culture mainly because of the internet. Every adult and young adult always wanted to have easier access to pornography and finally we had it and ….mostly for free. Kids growing up in a world of free porn didn’t know any different. Timmy wants to whack off tonight so he goes to a free pron site and gets the job done. Timmy wants all the girls in his life to act like these awesome chicks in the movies. They are so easy and upfront about the fact that they want to FUCK ALL THE TIME. Timmy wishes real girls were just like that and not as picky and discerning in their choices. Enter Miley, she will teach girls to be more “porn” and present themselves in a way that boys will find them attractive in a more “hardcore” kind of way. Is she a product of that culture or a reinforcer of it or both? Either she is a mindless instrument of the marketing agencies blinded by money or a fully aware operator and knows exactly what she is doing and is laughing all the way to the bank with a almost psychopathic drive to do and get as much as possible before she burns out. Considering her age it is hard to fathom her parents being ok with all this but apparently they have no qualms about it. Granted her father is not somebody that we can put much faith in considering his most intellectually stimulating song is “Achy Breaky Heart” but he is still the father of this girl that is borderline prostituting herself every night on stage….worldwide. I guess its like if your dad is a hustler and your mom is a whore and their baby-girl is gonna stay in the business also. No reason to object to it….”Hell…that’s what I had to do when I was 21…so she can do it too…of course I’m gonna be able to get my hands on a couple of million bucks…cause my baby girl’s on the Television.”

  47. I'm into it

    Just a 3in slit more of exposed flesh and suddenly her label would drop her. Once she eventually does expose her pussy it wont stop there. As long as shes singing at the same time she’ll start 18+ concerts and fuck herself for that sweet sweet attention.

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