1. Moo Cow Hunter

    We get it, Miley. You want a dick. Stop advertising it and call a plastic surgeon.

  2. karlito

    the last time i danced and grabbed my crotch..i was kicked out of the club and barred for life. mind you, i was naked at the time so maybe that had something to do with it.

  3. That’s how she’s able to hit the high notes.

  4. CK

    She’s really gettin’ those two fingers up in there, isn’t she?

  5. The Royal Penis

    I’m not sure she could get any more unattractive.

    What the hell happened to the nubile barely legal teen prancing around with no bra and Daisy Dukes?

  6. That’s an experienced diddler, right there. Disney trains their girls well.

  7. Mama Pinkus


  8. PeopleSuck

    What the hell happened to what little hair she had left the LAST time I saw her?? And the song…my God…my ears are bleeding. (Wait, that may be because I stuck a fork in them…..).

  9. Bleh

    Oh jeez! Horrible hair cut!

  10. I think Liam fuck her too hard.

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