1. schmidtler

    Remember, kids – smoking kills. Just not nearly goddamned fast enough.

  2. Cock Dr

    This is what feminism boils down to: we fight hard for the right to earn equal pay & access…..and opportunities to be gross immature assholes just like the menfolk.

    • Finally, someone gets it.

      • Manny

        I don’t like feminism because even though most are a part of it for the right reasons there are also a lot of extremists who are just as bad as the male sexists and I believe it focuses on mainly just women. I am a Equalist, I believe all people are created equal and should have the same rights no matter your gender or race. Believe it or not there are circumstances where men are treated in an unfair way. Domestic violence where the man is the victim and women is the abuser are often not taken as seriously and most of the time are not even reported because of fear of being ridiculed. Also when two parents are devoiced and going for custody of the kids the women is almost always give custody unless there is something wrong with her and I think that law should be seriously changed. I grew up with out my father and as much as I love my mother there were many things she couldn’t teach me that my father would have, so I had to figure it all out on my own.

  3. Dox

    Everything about Miley Cyrus reminds of that crazy chick in college. The one that screwed anyone that so much as glanced at her sideways, danced naked on tables (even though she lacked the body for it.) was blatantly…. desperately hypersexual in an attempt for someone, anyone to take notice of her.

    Its not edgy. Its not artistic. Its just sad. Just sad that someone would have so little respect for themselves, that they would take the freedom earned for them, and use it to prove they are unfit for the gift given.

    Pretty sure women’s suffrage didn’t necessarily desire the freedom to act like a depraved and idiotic child, desperately in need of validation.

  4. mark

    What a dumb fuck.

  5. Bryan

    wanked to some of these pics

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