1. As far as I can tell, Terry Richardson has one talent: Getting girls to take their clothes off for him AND pay for the privilege.

    He’s my fucking hero and I hate his guts.

  2. Interred Ferguson

    It may be time for someone to put a bounty out on Twerkeesha’s stupid frickin’ mouth slug. That thing should be felt, not seen.

  3. Jason

    I never thought a woman was capable of doing something unsexy with her tongue, until Miley.

  4. Merosi

    is sticking her tongue out now her thing? there’s a ridiculous amount of photos where she’s doing that. it looks kinda painful.

  5. whatever

    if SHE ever decides to become a male, all she has to do is remove her breasts, let the bodyhair grow freely, and take a little bit of testosterone to grow an adamaple and a enlarged knob so she’ll have a micropenis
    ugly female with wide huge shoulders like a man, and no hips, just like a man
    she is like lady gaga, as in the ugliest women have to get naked and prance around like clowns, they falsely believe they are hot

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