1. Sam

    Tell me this doesn’t look just like Ellen DeGeneres.

    • This doesn’t look like Ellen DeGeneres partly because Ellen isn’t an attention whore and partly because Ellen is much prettier.

      • Yes, and yes. Hell, if you were on a desert island with Ellen, you could pretend she’s that chick from 6 days 7 nights and you’re Harrison Ford (“doing Han Solo” and “being Han Solo” are pretty much the same sentence, so why not). If you were there with Miley…well, I guess autocannibalism is always an option.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    I’d say she was going for a Lady GaGa look, except I don’t want to insult Lady GaGa.

  3. Cock Dr

    If you’re gonna get your tits out why not do it for Playboy? At least Playboy would make a pumpkinhead look pretty instead of this death by radiation poisoning glamour photo shoot.

  4. Yeah. It’s her. Love the tits.

  5. Margaret

    much better. i’ll take two.

  6. Frank

    Her lips look like they’re melting, and she looks so tall. Very weird, indeed.

  7. That’s Miley Cyrus? I think NOT! Did her hair grow 6 inches in the last 3 weeks? Miley isn’t even close to that pretty.

  8. Opinionated me

    Ooops, someone got carried away with photoshop.
    Miley *WISHES* that was her.

  9. I keep waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to reveal he used a random girl off the street to make these pics.

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