1. Roll, Roll, Roll your boat.

  2. Moo Cow Hunter

    Manly haircut, check. Manly voice, check. When is she starting the hormone therapy to continue changing into a man?

  3. angerinside

    Dang…ain’t nobody gonna call me no dang ol” trailer trash now.

  4. mimi_1

    miss skinnyfat

  5. ThisWillHurt

    I used to think she looked like the kid from “A Christmas Story.” Now she looks more like Nick Nolte dressed like David Carradine when he was found dead.

  6. diego

    Annie Lennox is looking pretty good for 60

  7. tlmck

    I always knew Bieber had boobs.

  8. MFer

    Sorry Miley. No amount of bondage gear will erase the fact that you were once Hannah Montana.

  9. leah

    she probably cut it all off cause it was so damaged from years of being treated, dyed, god knows what.

  10. me

    what’s next, will she shave off her eyebrows?

    • KC

      First she’s going to dye them bright red and *then* shave them off a couple weeks later. She’s got to maximize their usefulness to get attention. She’ll draw on chola brows a couple weeks after that.

  11. MrG

    This just makes me feel embarrassed. If that’s what she was going for, bravo!

  12. Toe Jam

    I’m a dike, y’all.

  13. Grand Dragon

    Stomach looks like a pack of hotdog weiners

  14. Just in time for Christmas, Miley reenacts the miracle of the rolls and fish smell. Wait…

  15. David Taipoche

    Sooooo, Where is the creampie ?

  16. mbcl

    “Hey why y’all leavin’ ? I ain’t hardly dun a sangin’ and a dancin’ “

  17. GiantMuffin

    Makes me happy that Grand Dragon has more thumbs up

  18. Smokey

    I’m sorry Miley but this is just not sexy, as someone who’s admired your looks since you were 14 (You can think a girl is pretty without being a pedo) and had a big crush on you when you got older and started wearing skimpy shorts, your style is just not doing it for me. This is like Rihanna all over again, a hot girl with beautiful long hair suddenly decides to chop it all off and go for the lesbo-look. I know you aren’t actually reading this, but this is what I’d say if you were. Well not to you face, cause that would be awkward.

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