1. From this angle, she looks like an autistic boy.

    And I know that’s going to offend everyone that knows anyone who has ever been or known someone who was or might have been related in any way to someone who is autistic. So let me say I’m sorry for offending autistic people by comparing them to Miley Cyrus. Please don’t find out where I live and put those puzzle piece bumper stickers all over my trailer.

  2. vgrly

    Is she serious with those shorts? Some hip hugger panties would have been better.

  3. Mr. Poop

    she has the ass of an 8 year old boy

    • true.and the only guys who think she is hot are those who will bang anything they can slip their 2 incher into. man, woman, child, animal- it don’t matter cuz itsallgood

  4. KC

    I thought booty shorts were supposed to be flattering if you were in shape? I guess you have to have something resembling a booty. These just look like saggy briefs.

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