1. InkyBlack

    I bet the guy who got hit had just asked Liam to keep his boyfriend under control.

  2. LordInvader

    LAPD: So, alleged assault victim, what exactly were you doing?
    Assault victim: Well, we…
    Assault victim’s buddy: Thank you.
    Assault victim: Stood up to leave, when I accidentally hit his chair. I turned around and brushed the top of his buddy’s head. He screamed at me that I messed up his, I quote, “sugar pie’s hunerd-dollar mullet”.
    LAPD: Well, if you brushed the top of her head, how could you have disturbed her mullet?
    Assault victim: Because it was inverted.

  3. duder

    Who in the name of everloving fuck is still going to Billy Ray Cyrus concerts?

  4. Oogieloves

    Kinda hard to call them booty shorts when she clearly doesn’t have one. Her butt runs straight into her thighs.

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