2. Lola

    She is just being Miley’

  3. Barney Frank

    Fish the Pedophile strikes again. Leave the kid alone you fucking sicko.

  4. BigBone

    Not her

  5. DrC

    People are saying the Miley Cyrus naked cell phone pic is not actually Miley, mostly because Miley has “just breathe” tatted under her left breast, which you can’t see in the naked picture. But of course this picture was taken in a mirror, so what you’re actually seeing is her right breast. It’s the ol’ titty switch-a-roo.

  6. Mileydefender

    The naked pictures are fake ! It has been confirmed because
    1-We can’t see her tattoo “just breathe”
    2-The naked girl is a look alike : The Proof: http://www.zacktaylor.ca/blog/2010/12/alleged-miley-cyrus-sexting-photo-leaked-online.html

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