1. Frank Burns

    Please, please, tell me she has stupid hillbilly names for all her yoga poses! Surely, this one is the “One Legged Praying Lesbian Scarecrow”.

  2. Do you think this fuckwit even knows how to spell ‘yoga’, let alone actually know what she’s doing (aside from whoring herself out to the voyeuristic pervert with the camera who she knows is watching her because she called him and invited him to join her)? It’s a damn shame Orcas don’t patrol the beaches of CA, swim onshore, pummel this bejeezus out of her, and then drag her out to sea…

  3. Biswa Mohanty

    thanks for sharing this post

    Hope Miley Cyrus will come up with more such snaps
    I think beach is the only place to gain peace of mind if you anything like Yoga

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