1. MisterSuccint

    Stanley Cup final is over, you can shave now.

  2. Michelle

    NNNNoooooo not a creeper at all….ewww

  3. Nathiest

    I love that she was having a long time affair out in the open with one of her female dancers and no one said shit about it, but now this DUDE shows up in one set of photos and they must be fucking? Gossipers are so lesbian-blind it’s pathetic.

  4. JAKIS

    This is your face on drugs. Any questions?

  5. kat

    i wanna be eye-banged like that.

  6. bad boy

    Looks more like he’s eye banging her straw.

  7. As she reaches down with her left hand, he says, “you better put that drink down fist, because if you start somethin’ you dang well better finish it.”

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