1. gossip girl

    looking good miley!

  2. Ballin Collin

    Her face is starting to look weird. Maybe I’ve just seen it too much. Kinda like looking at the word ROAD for too long. Road ….

  3. Ben Dover

    I find nothing attractive about this Hillbilly, and hearing her talk
    is like fingernails on a blackboard

  4. BAHAH

    Every time I look at her, I see a Billy Ray with makeup.
    She looks manly, has a annoying voice, and has a tree trunk body.
    And she’s just stupid.

  5. Previous posters are idiots

    I’d like to see your wifes.
    I’d fuck every single available whole.

  6. Lynn

    I thought the clevage was too much while attending and presenting a humanitarian type of award? On that note, her date looks yummy. Those Hemsworth brothers have some good genes.

  7. Em

    Can’t have cleavage if you wanna help humanity? Lol. I think she looks good. Except I’m not really feeling the hair. But I definitely agree about the Hemsworths…they are sooo fine.

  8. chuck

    Her face and cleavage aren’t bad. Something’s just a little off.

  9. geee

    Her face has ALWAYS been weird and her neck is far too short but hey, the body is smokin’…

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