1. Kelley

    Actually posing for the paparazzi … what a sleaze, the end. The entire Lohan family should be taken out into the middle of the Atlantic and thrown overboard. What a fantastic idea !! Except all Ali has done is get bad plastic surgery while still a teenager … they are just a bunch of fucktards who use Lindsay’s fame. Waste of good air and orange skin.

  2. Seriously, why is ANYONE taking photos of this idiot? He’s just some ugly fuck up that fathered a fucked up child. STOP TAKING THEIR PHOTOS AND THEY WILL GO AWAY!


  3. Wow

    he didn t fathered a fucked up child, he created a fucked up child… Poor lindsay, ali, and whoever this SOB “fathered”….

  4. rantatonne

    I wonder if she’d be laughing if she knew CBF stands for Cunt Booting, FOREVER.

  5. Who was it that told the gays a dick and an asshole can’t make a baby?

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