1. tlmck

    The promised land.

  2. Cock Dr

    The blogger and his Photoboy sidekick have done their part to make the straight men happy this morning.

  3. Brit

    Prize for the most-used zoom feature of the week

  4. cc

    Great photo but…couldn’t the goddam photographer have taken one big step to his left to avoid the post? Shit.

  5. The Most Interesting

    Note to Photo Boy: On a slow day, you have permission to run this for the Final Five. Just this. Again and again and again.

    Actually, on any day, you have permission….

    • cc

      You know how in Excel you have ‘Freeze Panes’ so that the top rows stay there while you scroll through the rest of the spreadsheet? I think an arrangement like that would be suitable.

  6. In every photo, there’s a middle-aged lighting technician in the backgroundsaying it all with his eyes…. and having a good fap.

  7. Holy Shnykees!

  8. Michelle

    I just switched teams!

  9. richie


  10. Now that…that’s a moon.

  11. Dream Pizza

    Picture of the week!

  12. Snooki's Taint

    I guess her knees don’t work, and she HAD to bend over at the hips to fix her shoe. Poor girl.

  13. pic #3 holy shit just the rite hieght for me get it rite up her

  14. Diego

    her so well known butt….. I love her, i would fuck that ass so deep

  15. anonym

    I smell flowers.

    now that’s the way you should make commercials.

  16. elliotspitzer

    Damn. I’d give my right nut to be a big time Hollywood movie director.

    - Jamie Lee Curtis

  17. welldoneson

    here’s lookin’ at ya, kid. and i mean that.

  18. cc

    This never gets old.

  19. kirb

    by itself should be able to usher in world peace. It just doesnt get more perfect than that.

  20. Gabi

    Es imposible verla asi y no soƱar con darle por atras, sentir ese culito tan firme y estrechito…

  21. BetterBelieveIt

    Any man who say they wouldn’t put his nose all up in there is liar!!!

    • crb

      And there would be nothing but peppermints and jujubees and lemondrops in there; they don’t call her “Candy” for nothing.

  22. Michael Bay’s Instagram?

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