1. larry

    Those look new.

    • Jerry

      Beautiful girl, ugly tatooes. Why print slogans or etc. on your body?
      The body can be beautiful with diet, exercise and motivations.The
      “trailer park trash” ink is ugly. Girls… wake up – we don’t like
      stupid picures on your lovely body. No more tatooes, please.

      • Clam jam

        Since you seem to be speaking for all men I am just going to go ahead and speak on behalf of all women: We are on this site for the same reason as you: to look at hot ass. We do not sift through the comments and look for pointers on how to please you, so just don’t even waste your breath. “Oh I better go read the comments on so I’ll know how to be more attractive” is not what we are thinking. I guarantee you. I don’t even have any tattoos…I’m just sayin.

      • Kitty

        …you obviously do not like tattoos, then don’t go after women with tattoos, there ya go, problem solved…

      • Keeser

        bodies with cellulitis, stretch marks, scars are beauty too cause those are the “tats” u got with the time and as far as i know most women cant do anything against that so no diet, exercise or a freking motivation can fix that…im not gonna starve myself to please a dick like u im happy with my body like most women should.

      • J

        Are you seriously deriding Megan Fox for not doing something so that she can be even hotter? She is retarded hot. Don’t complain. (oh, and you are a judgmental ass)

  2. Boo

    Perky for sure

  3. eatme

    wtf are those?

  4. piratebooty

    did she get a boob job????

  5. TheOneBillyGun!

    No Back shots, come on!!

  6. Kitty

    new boobs or they are just showing more cause shes’ so skinny? could be… and gosh I wish she didn’t remove that marylin tattoo it’ looks stupid now!

  7. NOI


  8. Mama Pinkus

    this gal is sly – she thinks if she increases her boobage bit by bit, no one will notice….judging by how much she has fucked up her face, I am guessing her rack will be VERY noticeable by the time she is finished

  9. tim b

    Freaking David silver

  10. the crazy betty

    new jugs.

  11. Joustin' Beaver

    So she never once turned away from the camera? Rookies.

  12. Carl

    40 pics and not a single ass shot? lol@you paying for these pictures. Shitty photog is shitty.

  13. ken

    I’d give her a run


    modern chik !

  15. lywxli


  16. Michael Matheis


  17. Yoda Mann

    Graffiti. That’s what can really improve a landscape. Idiot.

  18. bi chick

    MF looks AMAZE!
    Has anyone considered they might be bigger due to breast feeding? Weren’t they already fake? Maybe they are just swollen for natural reasons?

  19. coljack

    How it all began…

    Megan: “I think I want a tattoo of an inspirational quote on my right side. What should it be?”

    Shia: “How about, ‘Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’?”

    Megan: “That’s so beautiful. Who said that?”

    Shia: “I did!”

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