1. What a dumb piece of shit. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Schools are dismal. Teachers do not get a shitty salary. $70 grand a year of 8 months work + 90% of salary in retirement after working 20 years. Ass wipe is a retard.

  2. American students rank 25th in math and 21st in science compared to students in 30 industrialized countries.
    America’s top math students rank 25th out of 30 countries when compared with
    top students elsewhere in the world. [1]
    By the end of 8th grade, U.S. students are two years behind in the math being studied by peers in other countries. [2]
    Sixty eight percent of 8th graders can’t read at their grade level, and most will
    never catch up.

  3. Phaid

    We spend more per student than all but one country in the entire damn world (Luxembourg IIRC) and yet we’re barely middle of the pack when it comes to education outcomes. But yeah let’s just keep on rewarding teachers with the best salaries and benefits in the world, because obviously they’re doing everything right!

    Superficial Guy, stick to commenting on side boobs and Tara Reid’s plastic surgery, it makes you look smarter.

  4. Not you

    I am not a school teacher and I think Damon is right. It is a complex problem and the answer that it must be the teachers’ fault is overly simplistic. I would argue that you have to also blame parents, administrators, school boards, and state and federal politicians as well.

    If you want to compare school spending with other countries, look at per pupil spending. The US ranks fourth. I would also not that we spend more on prisons in the USA than we do on schools. If we follow Phaid’s argument, the fact that we spend more on prisons than other countries means that we should have less crime as well. Apparently, we have the 8th highest crime rate in the world. Hmm, must be the police’s fault we have more crime.

    By the way, Queen4hart, the median teacher salary in the USA is only around $40k (the average is about $47k), not $76k. In my state, which is 51st in the nation for teacher salaries, the average is only around $37k.

    • Phaid

      Not You: We spend more on prisons because we incarcerate more people per capita than any other country. Your comparison makes no sense.

      As far as per student, you are right, my statistic was outdated: Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland all spend slightly more than we do per student. They all outscore us on academic measures. We also spend 20% more per student than Japan, almost twice as much per student than France, Germany, and the UK, and yet we score in the bottom half of industrialized nations in student reading level and math proficiency, while they all consistently score well above us. So, clearly, our system is not working, and entrenching it by allowing teachers to gain tenure only creates more obstacles toward fixing it.

      • Not you

        The point of the analogy was to stress that is overly simplistic to blame teachers just as it would be to blame the police for high crime rates.

  5. The median teacher salary is not $40,000 according to it is $51,674 and that means half earn more than that. In Ca, I have a friend who has been a teacher for 10 years and earns 70k. The Pensions are outrageous. 90% of your salary….retiring in their 50s. This is all for 8 months of work.. There was a time when education was top line here. Then we had libtards slowly chip away everything that worked… replace it with their social engineering.

    • Not you

      Sorry but my statistics come from the Dept of Labor. I think I will trust those over Libtards? Of course it is their fault as they are they only one’s that have any control over education policy (insert saracstic tone here) Policy and hiring decisions start with local school boards, then state government and then the federal government. Which leads us back to my original point – it is all of our fault for letting this happen. To blame only teachers is simplistic scapegoating.

  6. I work @ a community college in So. Cal. and most everyone here is over payed and have full benefits which we don’t pay into. Our state is broke mostly because of this problem with state employee unions. They do need to get rid of tenure, I see way to many of the admin, faculty, and classified staff get their tenure then slowly get lazy and comfortable. Matt’s mom might not be that way, but she is unfortunately the exception not the rule. He is a loud mouth idiot that does not know of what he speaks.

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