1. monkeyspank

    Is Lindsey Lohan going to guest star on the Walking Dead?

  2. arnieblackblack

    Arm pit vagina – check ! Meth mouth – check ! Whore face make up – check ! A short life to regret all the fuck ups – Check please!!!

  3. donkeylicks

    Ooirraah… BRAINS!!!…. Must eat BRAINS!!

  4. Do Freebird

    She looks like shit.

  5. RonnieJamesDio

    Um, this woman is dying.

  6. gillian

    Courtney Love in 10 years

  7. Tracey

    Akira Queen of the Dead

  8. Brad Hallston

    Damn shes lookin’ pretty rough. I’d still lick her asshole, but hey Lindsay, those days might be numbered, so cash in now.

  9. Bobby Light


  10. aaaa

    does her community service at the morgue involve being a mannequin for beginner dead-people make-up artists?

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