1. IA

    Where’s the uncensored version?

  2. that’s m’girl–keep em comin!!! :DDD x

    fwiw i support (no pun) her going braless whenever possible, gravity helps hide wrinkles from smoking and tanning beds

  3. gooch

    remove the star.

  4. SHADE

    DUDE… No NSFW!!?? This used to be a reputable place for me to see some celebrity titties on the regular. Now, this shit is fucking LAME. There is absolutely no reason for me to continue visiting this site. Enjoy the advertising revenue you recieved when they cut off your balls.

    • noyb

      agreed – nip slips missed and buried in the gallery (harry potter starlet), sheer shots with nip at the end of the gallery (yesterday Lohan pics), wardrobe malfunctions not posted (again, they took the crappy shots from Lohan’s shoot yesterday)

      All we get is lousy bikini shots & people no one knows or gives a flying fuck about.

      quantity =/= quality

  5. Any Guy

    freckled old lady boobs on a twenty-something year-old. NSFW not needed. thanks.

  6. IA

    I linked the NSFW, but apparently my comments are being edited out.

  7. Mon

    You have to click directly on the star

  8. Jebadiah


  9. skull514

    Same here IA

  10. skull514

    I don’t like you in that way. has them

  11. Hedgehog

    Where’s the NSFW version ?

  12. Snooki's Taint

    No NIP or go home. We pay good money to see celeb titty!

  13. epik

    nips or gtfo

  14. duder

    Gotta agree. Love the writing here, but the content seems to be getting less exciting ( = less boob).

  15. NickMina

    go to egotastic

  16. MarkCA

    Where is the NSFW version???

    I mean, what are you trying to protect us from? Her nipple never hurt no one no how. Every other part of her body – perhaps, but not the nipple

  17. Freaky

    Dude. I went to another site to see the uncensored version. I really, really wish that I hadn’t. Really. Imagine a tit where the non-areola skin has orange spray tan on it but the areola and nipple are so pale that they look like the ass skin on a 500 lb man who hasn’t left his house in 20 years. If you can imagine that, you can imagine her pale, nasty nipple. It’s disgusting. I mean, you go from this nasty freckled, spray tanned skin to this pale, pale patch that’s supposed to be stimulating but it’s just gross. I feel raped.

  18. bk

    Axl Rose looks great for his age.

  19. nicole

    Hey pole-smoker.

    More nipples, and fewer Thor reviews.

  20. Ddura

    What is the point of showing a tittie flash if you DON’T show the tittie flash!

  21. chris breezy boxing academy

    absolutely agreed. not much reason to come here anymore unless you like reading thechive.com by proxy

  22. kimmykimkim

    Who knew there was a condition of albinism that solely affected the nipples?

  23. tqen

    Her nipple is shaped like a star!

  24. God Almighty

    She was great in last seasons Whale Wars, glad to see the harpoon the Japanese stuck in her was not fatal……..

  25. crackerleroy

    No NSFW here without wading through the 75 clickthrus that are usually required to see a nip. so, for that I give you a direct link.

    and in summary, the only whores bigger than Lilo are the the link whores that run this place. ( is that the groundswell of an unhappy viewership? chickity check it, beeshes)

  26. dirty dozen

    I swear to christ man, I come to this effing website all the time and deal with the same three posts every day (Lindsay, MTV idiots, Charlie Sheen) and you blur the boob? Quit dicking around and at least show the boob or I dunno, start being funnier.

  27. whatevawhateva

    @crackerleroy, thanx. I love how pink they are…

  28. Jon Hex

    A Jesus ring AND Kabbalah bracelet? I’m as confused as Lindsay Lohan.

  29. Ummm, yeah. Not showing the nip slip in a nip slip photo kind of blows.
    Not gonna lie though, I checked it out at another site and it’s kind of creepy. It’s an anti-nipple.

  30. Moron Slayer

    This site has sold out. It must be the new advertising model- they don’t want pornography. Oh, well. On to the next site.

  31. Jeremy K

    If men would bother to ask a real live human girl, they’d know that this happens often. Not just to celebrities. Bikinis are made of thin material, are tied on using loose knots, and when the water is cold it’s hard to feel if it’s on or not. So one hard wave later you pop out and look like an idiot.

  32. Elf

    Goes to show that the legends are false: Vampires are not affected by a crucifix.

  33. imabrat

    That’s just plain nasty. And trashy. Nasty, trashy, untalented, delusional swamp creature.

  34. Lovemypussyhairthick

    I would love to see that pussy unshaved with thick red hair.

  35. gid

    Man, bruised up, fake tan crack whore–she use to be so beautiful. Look at the white halo around her hair line from the spray tan, that just looks ridiculous.

  36. Mojo

    Nah, they dont have the pic, just cried wolf…

  37. Ismoss

    Seriously still after how many days no nip? You have officially jumped the Shark

  38. LD

    No NSFW? Lame, fish. Lame.

  39. nexus

    i think this is a “nip slip” pic as apposed to a nip slip pic the difference?
    the quotation marks, meaning one of her “clingons” was told to take pics of her “accidental” wardrobe malfunction. a few of those pics are taken standing right next to her and her security wouldn’t let that happen, i mean is she famous for anything else but being famous now? whats next another crotch shot of her getting out of a car or a sex vid? come on……

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