1. That looks like a whole lot of nope.

  2. JPeg

    Coke booger under the fingernail.

  3. Even without the giant pink freckle, her lower bod terrifies me. And I am pretty sure Liz Taylor wants her eyebrows back now.

  4. I hate when she pretends she is still a shy teenager, like in this photo. She’ll be still doing that shtick when she’s my granny’s age, if she lives that long.

  5. Her thighs look like Morgan Freeman’s face.

  6. Emma Watson's Vagina

    Since when did Jadzia Dax become a coke addict?

  7. kimmykimkim

    Good lord! She’s so flabby!

  8. Jackie

    Wait…is it even possible to smoke meth with your pelvis?

  9. Oh You Know Come On

    …so flossing with a nail is the new demure? Okay good!


    I’d really have to be doped up to poke that skank-supreme! Yes, she’s got love-jugs, but on a douche-bag body.It’d be a never-ending job to PHOTOSHOP her ugliness…

  11. Shelby

    I don’t find anything about her attractive. Lol

  12. Dad: “Are you sure this is the one you want son?”
    Son:”Yeah, dad. I want a fixer upper”
    Dad:”Well she’s got a cracked piston, blown tranny, and a very very very loose crankshaft”
    Dad:”Got some crack in the fuel line too”

  13. The people who comment that they wouldn’t touch her are obviously unaware of why God created intoxication. Fuckin’ rookies, every damn one.

  14. Bruno

    She’d be hot for 60.

    For 20 somethin, uhhhhhhhhhh. WTF happened to you??? Radiation accident?

    Oh yah, coke, meth, crack, booze, and a penchant for theft.

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