1. Nice whore bruise on the leg

  2. Kurt C.

    Normally, I’d find these photos somewhat attractive, but I’ve been watching the Olympics all week, so I just see a girl who really needs to start working out.

  3. CK

    I’d hit that. and apparently someone else did, too.

  4. ccK


  5. quoi?

    hah! i thought whore bruise too… and white as if she’s… i dunno “pure.”

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    STDs be damned, I’m tapping that the first chance I get.

  7. BlackDudesThoughts

    I’m not saying this to be mean because I love redheads and wish this girl all the success in the world but being skinny is not the same as being in shape. You can be skinny and flabby at the same time and it looks just as horrible as being obese. Miley Cyrus is skinny but in shape. Still love the freckles though. Wish the fire red hair would make a come back. That being said, I’m on team “Still hit it” with some of these other guys.

  8. anonymous

    She’s a hot mess. Flabby, beat up, old banana skinned and just plain old sad looking hot mess. She’s an embarrassment to herself.

  9. jahson

    WTF is that big bruise on her left?

  10. anonym

    smoking does not do a body good

    she looks 40.

    I guess that’s why she was picked for the role

  11. djs

    i fucking love her armpits!

  12. YEs

    Lilo @ 18 was so effing hot. She should go back to red hair.

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