1. Josephus

    U MAD?

  2. She looks great. She may be making a quiet comeback. As big of a hot mess as she is, I always find myself rooting for her. I think she’s sexy and she can go a lot further if she gets her head on straight.

    Haters come at me.

  3. Sometimes her boobs look great. Just sayin.

  4. Next...

    Absolutely will NOT click thru 40 pictures of her again already. I’m done!

  5. myla

    Oh Linds, your such an easy target with your antics that I’m sure that all 40 of these pictures will be worthy of “entertaining” comments.

  6. Jazzyboo88

    its a shame my Grandma is in her 70s and lindsey lohan already look older than her

  7. Oh my God. My dreams have finally come true.

    Melissa Joan Hart with big tits.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Wow, these things look grrrrrrEAT!

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