1. ThisWillHurt

    “Dumb bitch thinks she’s back in 2005.”

  2. j/k

    “You ain’t getting near THIS watch!”

  3. “That’s a nice ass for a 55 year old hooker. Wait, what? She’s how old?

  4. “uhhh uh, not even with a stolen dick…”

  5. brick

    “If the bitch had one….I’d tap it!”

  6. The Pope

    This needs to be the new banner picture.

  7. namevisible

    In every picture, there’s a black guy saying “Girl please” with his eyes.

  8. bodhemon

    If She was smarter she’d PAY someone to be in the background of every photo with an expression that says, “Not as toe-up as I would’ve thought. I’d prolly still hit it.”

  9. Crazy white chicks blocking the damn sidewalk, posing for pictures.

  10. irishboyo

    Why is Raymond Felton staring at Lindsay’s ass?

  11. just_elizabeth

    It’s pretty clear what this guy’s thinking, but for the sake of clarity and to confirm it for him: that purple bag *would* work better with the dress he wore last Friday.

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