1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Super Gross.

  2. “Every time I try to drive somewhere other people think it’s OK for them to try to drive somewhere, too.”

  3. Beaver Underground

    Holding a cigarette while giving the bird? That’s 100% CPU usage for her. No wonder she’s panicking trying to drive.

  4. Cock Dr

    I pity the pedestrians of CA.

  5. She makes me sad.

  6. TurboZinger

    911 what is your emergency?/

    Nobody is chasing me down the freeway!!! Don’t they know who I am??? And I’m driving a car that everyone/ would know!!!!

  7. Alexis

    I am sorry, what Disney Witch character is she channeling today?

  8. mim

    aw, come on, take your seat belt off so we can see you fly thru the window this time!

  9. klb

    Girl needs to clean her ears. That or learn to match her foundation. Yuck!

  10. baccusvd

    shes so busted looking these days.

    drugs really ARE bad. why did god have to make them so damn delicious.

  11. doodah

    Same face I make when I run over babies.

  12. karlito

    that’s the same face she has while she’s getting DP’d in the back of her “boyfriends” tour bus. she’s loading up on her protein intake before she “might” be sent off to jail where she’ll be dining exclusively on taco. oh Lindsay, only a few more years left before you become worm food. i just hope that the sex tapes your mother sells of you after your death are before you got really skanky looking.

  13. BOBO

    i can’t stand this trailer trash hooker! just go away already – human garbage!

  14. Jahahs

    Does she have cigarettes surgically attached to her fingers?

  15. She gets sexier the closer she gets to having a complete meltdown.

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