1. billabong021

    can’t read fuk all on that page she’s holding up..

  2. This is what happens when you P*ss off the mouse. Lindseys parents sold her soul to the mouse. Then when she turned 18 she started to stray. Pics of her without undies, partying etc….. The mouse doesnt like it. His Ho’s are supposed to stay pure for the public. Only submit to his sexual whims and wants. But lindsey strayed and walked away from the castle where the evil mouse lives. Since then the mouse has worked to hook her on illicit drugs and alcohol. This is the same pattern that Britney and others have followed. driving her to the depts of dispare. the moral of the Lindsey Lohan story…… NEVER P*SS OFF THE MOUSE!!
    (Miley are you listening

  3. Bob


  4. Michelle

    Same tattoo as rihanna

  5. hahaha

    Dude, it´s like watching the Manson trial…and she even gave props to TMZ LOL!!!

  6. missywissy

    does anybody know what the letter says??? it’s fascinating she’s was writing this during her sentencing. Did she plan this??? She obviously planned putting her fingertips up to her mouth in a “suprised expression”. It’s obvious the letter will get sold to the highest bidder. I’m sick of these girls who think they’re above the law because they are pretty, rich and can act. Really, I don’t want to wish ill on this chick, but it’s good to put bad dogs down. Hopefully she’ll get “rehabbed” but seems like she past that.

  7. bitingontinfoil

    I believe the writing on the sheet was made by her lawyer. I wouldn’t think Lindsay would write about her in the 3rd person (ie: “LL”). Also, I believe the “fuck you” on her nail was directed to the papz, not the judge. TMZ has quoted LL’s Dad as saying he was “going to call her from a bar and make her jealous”. Christ, is it any wonder this chick is so screwed??

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