1. karlito

    ” i can’t believe i sucked that wrinkly dick and swallowed his gin soaked load for this crappy performance”. ” i’m fucking doomed”!!

  2. Somehow I still want her. What should I do doctor?

  3. Don Draper's Dad

    I’ve made a huge mistake.

  4. JC

    “Why U no make pretty law words to keep me unjailed?”

  5. She actually looks presentable here. 15 years older than she actually is, but presentable nonetheless.

  6. Lindsay, baby, you are not suppose to blow him until he wins your case!! When will you learn?

  7. Barry’s very good.

  8. Barbara

    I went to high school with her Judge, Stephanie Sautner, and we both always got in trouble for TALKING…she was a fun person…you go Stephanie.


  9. Jack Attack

    She seriously looks as if she isn’t really sure where she is. She is going to join the 27 club. Such a shame.

  10. Grand Dragon

    She is 26 years old? Jesus Tapdancing Christ,,,,

  11. limited options

    “you said if I swallowed and let you do anal I’d be excused so I could hustle more blow , and now I think you were lying to me !

  12. (thinking) Wow… He’s getting his ass chewed! If I wasn’t drunk and emotionally dead inside, I’d feel bad for him.

  13. Mama Pinkus

    they both look like plastic surgery freaks

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