1. alexxx

    First??? WOW….the only thing she has goin for herself is that Rack……I dont mind the freckles…..I can squeeze one while doin connect the dots on the other… ;)

  2. Teabagger

    I’d be amazed if airbrush alone were enough to fix her busted “20 years too old looking from drugs/smoking face – this has to be some combo of airbrush, Photoshop, sandblasting, voodoo and a spatula.

    That said I’d still bang that broke down ass like a screen door in the wind.

  3. She certainly doesn’t seem to be suffering from any form of underemployment due to her escalating fuckuppery – at least in the magazine cover department.
    I wonder if Cosmo’s going to follow her into the slammer for one last photoshoot.

    Oh, and Teabagger’s “screen door in the wind” observation above? Oh yeah.

  4. N

    Looks like they photoshopped a set of hips on her. Her body is usually pretty boyish, aside from the large tits of course.

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