1. Cock Dr

    She must be getting paid in money or drugs for this nonsense….I just don’t see her cooperating with anyone or anything unless she was getting something out of it, or threatened with jail.

  2. I look at this photo and there’s only one thought that comes to mind: “uh thanks, but I gotta work early tomorrow”

  3. little turtle head

    Man I wish I was there! I’d go head first into that tasty pussy!

  4. “It’s not a big deal. I can just take my tit out and show you.”
    “No that’s..” “Look! See it’s almost out. I can go topless right now!” “Really Lindsay, it’s..” “There, it’s out! Take a picture of it. Validate me!”

  5. She is definitely the “it” girl….. Wait, I think I forgot two letters.

  6. Deryn

    “Will I show it? Will I not? I am teasing you with a peek of WHAT EVERYONE HAS ALREADY SEEN A ZILLION TIMES.”

  7. butt juice

    this should just be the poster for sober living

  8. Yuck

    She is the most pathetic and disgusting thing in the world. Putting her fingers in her mouth is her big pose? That’s all she’s got? Oh wait, there’s always flashing her cow tits and spreading her legs. Spectacular. The worst part is that she thinks she’s giving people what they want. The only thing I want is to read that she’s been trampled.

  9. robthomas

    come on man, lindz is hot as hell. and she’s a go-er, i don’t know why everyone sees that as a negative.

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