1. libz

    yup. that sure looks sexy. uh huh.
    what a moron!

  2. Oscar

    Is that a dick pendant?

  3. “Ok, now claw at your face like you’re on a bad trip and can feel bugs under your skin…yeah, like that…that’s hot”

  4. Oink


    • karlito

      to me her “obsession” is her excuse to act the way she does. she’s trying to project her “bad behaviour” as being misunderstood. just like Marilyn was a “misunderstood” beauty and sex symbol, she is somehow a misunderstood beauty and sex symbol. unfortunately her beauty has faded and she no longer sexy.

  5. ShockingBlue


  6. BAHAH

    Dear Lindsay,

    You look nothing like Marilyn. Not even remotely. Hence, you are not Marilyn. You will never be Marilyn.

    The World

  7. spartacus

    Fuck me! Twins Basil, TWINS!

  8. spartacus

    They’re only separated by a few decades……. Oh, and talent, and sex appeal, and class and star quality.

  9. Smart

    I honestly can’t stand her, but with all the ptiooshhppong done, she looks okay on the cover. There are much better actresses to choose from and yet none of them will be as gorgeous as Marilyn.At least he didn’t pick Paris Hilton!

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