1. Sigh…where to start:

    a) Terry Richardson has the talent of a 25 year old girl with her first camera discovering that black and white looks “sooo artistic”

    b) After looking at all the photos, I can only assume Lindsay was paid in cigarettes.

    c) I’m going to wake screaming for a month…nightmares of overplumped skank lips coming to get me.

    • NG

      You wish you had a chick half as hot as her. Don’t be a hater bitch.

      • Deryn

        Yyyyyeah … that picture up there … that’s … uh … “hot”, all right.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Sigh. NG, you are stepping dangerously close to breaking McFeely’s Law. I forget what the punishment is, but for starters turn in your internet.

    • OK

      Point a) is so fucking dead on, you win the internet.

      Also, she is far from “hot” or “pretty” or even “passable”, she just has nice tits is all.

      • jeffiner

        she HAD nice tits back when they were up where they were supposed to be. all these years of not wearing a bra has caught up with her.

  2. poopsy

    Her nose is really starting to look like Michael Jackson’s and her lips, well, all I can say is the fuck?

  3. Lita

    She really needs to stop messing with her lips. They look horrid.

  4. arnieblackblack

    I love the cokey, slutty girl with juicy tits. Always have done. Always will. Go Li-Lo!


    She have exremely nice boobs!!!

  6. Piglet von Steuchen

    Those are fake jugs, right? I’m pretty sure they’re fake. But they’re pretty damn good fakes. She had a great boob job. Still, she’s an ugly, diseased skank, but her fake jugs are quite bouncy.

  7. spartacus

    If you get up close and gently brush against them, her tits feel like failure.

  8. jb

    I call bullshit to those who say they wouldn’t nail Li-Lo if they had the chance…unless they are more gay than Perez Hilton like a couple of the guys above.

  9. baby_chickkygurlz

    she’s such a nice girl once… now… hurmm…. i hope she’ll be better from day to day onwards… no boos no drugs. just pretty, talented woman that can brings happiness 2 da world.. hope so…

  10. Crystal

    Sigh… natural lips are prettier.

  11. quickrick

    lindsay lohan = tits (NO MORE)

  12. Jimm

    That whore will bang anything for some coke!!
    Ugly ass coke head!!

  13. ksmack

    I only know this dickhead’s name as attached to L. Lohan. Plus, he is such douchebag hipster, it hurts to look at him. loose him Lindsay.

  14. she only looks good in black & white

  15. brian

    She’s a junkie, she’s a thief, she’s a complete trainwreck of an actress … but damn, she has some nice tits.

    • I have trans friends and male crossdressing friends. With the right bra and some tape, almost anyone can have breasts that look like this in photos. You’d be surprised.

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