1. Gray

    Bad skin, what’s going on with the stomach, new veneers on the teeth, dye job with the hair and this was worth $1,000,000 to see naked? Most of her is fake.

  2. Kiroux

    Her bellybutton is extremely close to her boobs, how strange.

  3. sparters

    She does indeed have a very high belly button……. WORK!

  4. Kitty

    It is not that her belly button is so high it’s her boobs are so low people…

  5. Kesia

    How are her 90 days , which will really be 13 days, be worse than olepeps 25 yrs? I wish that too but she gets a private cell away from all other prisoners and probably will be babied in the cell, get a tv and a couch i bet

  6. Buddy The Elf

    Who’s the old lady?

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