1. BAHAH

    Nothing worse than a flabby, flat, freckled ass.

  2. oh i know

    aw jeez, there goes the rest of my lunch….

  3. Dan

    wow… i didn’t expect that.

    It would be fine on a regular woman, but someone who is getting paid to look hot… not good enough.

  4. Drundel


  5. catapostrophe

    Now THAT’s a weird ass!

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s not the age…it’s the milage.

  7. I think it’s just a dreadfully unflattering bikini, isn’t it?

  8. Melody

    Paris Hilton’s flapjack ass has found its soul mate. Or hole mate, as it were.

  9. Hey, it’s Tara Reid!

  10. Who brought the bongos to the beach? “Baaaaabaaaaalooooo!”

  11. anthonyOA

    wow, my ass looks better than that.

  12. Frugal Gourmet


  13. imalittlepea

    Who the hell let granny out of the asylum and allowed her to put on a bikini? Cover that ass up, pronto!

  14. stevebeagle

    that aint the ass she wore in that playboy shoot.

  15. Toopier

    If you are wearing 3D glasses, you can see her ass.

  16. Gray

    Bad skin, what’s going on with the stomach, new veneers on the teeth, dye job with the hair, a flat ass and this was worth $1,000,000 to see naked? Most of her is fake.

  17. That ass is how Black & Decker checks levels before they leave the factory.

  18. allisauce

    Who wants pancakes?

  19. anon

    there is more to life than these asses. Read Time Rays.

  20. Frugal Gourmet

    Ass for days.. if you’re a fruit fly.

  21. Katie


  22. Dick Hell

    If we push on her chin will her ass re-inflate?

  23. Guest

    Wow… that’s a sad ass… :(

  24. mikerat50

    but u are all here looking at her cute butt lol

  25. Ugh! How can someone so young be so flabby! She’s got no shape and the ass of an old man! This is nasty! Cover that up!

  26. Sprmcandy


  27. Joe Mahma

    That broad needs to get some exercise.

  28. Angry Bill

    Give me 90 seconds and a leather belt and I’ll put some color in those cheeks.

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