1. Eustace Haney

    Not aging well. She’ll be in the park drinking furniture polish in no time

  2. technut

    actually that’s one of the better shots I have seen of her.

    • What, exactly, are you looking at that makes you say that? Unless you mean this is less horrible than most of her horrible shots. Which, it isn’t really (extensions implantations injections belly pouf), so … what *do* you mean?

  3. Bubble burster

    Fat, flabby. Fake tits.

  4. logan

    hey, I got a muffin top too!

  5. Larry

    Those breasts are real and have been since she was 17 or 18. If you have noticed, most fakes are hard looking and stand up like softballs. She has looked better, but I like her with natural red hair.

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