1. leo’s got a new reality show-
    leonardo dicaprio’s next top downgrade.

  2. tlmck

    I’ll take the brunette. He can have the rest.

  3. #5 tastes like crazy alcohol rainbow pig. – Epic Meal Time

  4. Jigga What?

    ♪♫ “One of these things is not like the other…” ♫♪

    • psychoace

      You can tell they were only hired for how their backsides. Those faces are going to get 0 screen time.

  5. You totally beat me to it. She’s the practical joke to see whether or not Leo’s looking at the extras’ faces.

  6. nYC-m23

    Lol, why you guys hating? Im a model and when they shoot from a bad angle, photos become unrealistic,,,,so shut ur mouth,,,if girls werent ok, they would never ever cast them….
    goodluck guys,,,hope ur life won`t be this empty for long’;=)

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