1. finally my pretend girlfriend is hot again.

  2. Max

    She *doesn’t* have the body of a praying mantis. She has the face of one. Actually, her face looks like a raptor, especially in the black & white rear view bikini shot.

  3. fartbucket

    Why does it have Michael Jackson’s face?

  4. She’s actually trying to copy Helena Christensen in that Chris Isaak video, except he’s going to put a saddle on her and ride her to do battle with the Planet of the Apes.

  5. Good Gravy

    Looks pretty good to me. Too bad you dick lickers like dudes.

    • viasacra

      Of course you like anorexic chicks, it’s the only way to make your small dick look big in their hands.

  6. Coyote

    It is all Bad Angles and Lighting

  7. Lila

    I have more curve in my big toe.

  8. BigTex

    then I want to lick your big toe……she’s fuckin hot and always has been!

  9. Gillian

    It’s Falcor the luck dragon. Minus the luck.

  10. Ann

    she is one homely girl. beautiful voice, homely girl. crystal harris is a prettier version of leann rimes. do you suppose eddie has met her yet?? i hear she’s single again.

  11. ana

    I think she looks good in the first two pics, but not so much in the rest.

  12. FlMnl

    Seriously- she’s got to have some money- why hasn’t she had her face worked on??? I’m not for plastic surgery usually but if your willing to have your boobs done why not fix her face? I’m not sure how they would even do it seeing is there isn’t really one bad feature- there’s just kind of everything wrong. Maybe a mask would be helpful in the meantime?

  13. Kaywoodie Sucker

    she ain’t a bad looking broad at all. About all the shit posted here is fucking fanbois trying to outdo each other on hating some chick or another they have no hope of getting close enough to smell her farts. They do here, at school, the office, and wherever they roam with their latte’s and hacked porn-site passwords.

  14. StanSki

    She’s funkin beautiful! 100% woman. Of course the homos and lezies are going to bitch and moan but at the end of the day she is a wanted woman and they are grave filler waiting for the aids or suicide.

    Keep being beautiful LeAnn. I’m out here loving you like many others. your worth it.

  15. tlmck

    And the Google image search is on to find out whose body this is.

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