1. wow – did she finally eat a cheeseburger? she’s not looking like a walking skeleton here —

  2. Lee

    she is actually pretty hot, nice body.

  3. sammy

    beautiful figure!

  4. Mark

    Other than the fake boobs which are repulsive, the woman has a body to die for. Absolutely gorgeous! Leann, get rid of those fake boobs, yours were so much sexier.

  5. Jester

    She does look normal AND hot.

  6. Michael

    From the neck down, she’s perfect. Can just imagine what that body feels like.

  7. Beth

    Butter Face.

  8. the truth

    Funny how she cheated on her husband and she’s just chilling on a boat and no one thinks nothing of it. but yet if it was a guy..he’d be a dog forever…smh

  9. Judas Iscariot

    From the side, she looks like a Sleestack in a bikini…no really, look it up…

  10. Dexter

    I am willing to doatne my services to LeAnn which will be to school her in the art of appreciating freedom. Having been released from a sham of a marriage myself, I now have a resume of things I have done the last 10 years that were prohibited during the previous 20. One of which is having fun with abandon. Another is taking a nice long deep breath and then screaming, Let the fun begin.!’Oh LeAnn, honey, and you escaped with no kids to bind you to him for the next 20 years. Please, fly me down to Nashville for the weekend. I’d love to spread the message. Come to Mama.

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