1. Bane

    Does she not have a right one?

  2. I can’t stand her, but that’s a nice titty. Grudge fuck all the way.

  3. ” My nipples and me can climb up a tree because were the best friends! “

  4. Now I know my Cory Monteith OD’d. He was trying to use drugs so the second nipple would appear.

  5. Greg

    That big nose ruins it for me. Get a nose job already.

  6. chris

    Those pink lips makes her look like a clown.

  7. I’m pretty sure that if the kids had a choice, she wouldn’t be there at all.

  8. that face is a steep hill to climb…I could probably get over it, but it’s gonna be a rough, sweaty road

  9. She’s got a nice enough body, but I couldn’t tolerate the post-coital singing.

  10. not much there…..

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