1. TheCynic

    Beautiful eyes. Manly face. No tits. Let’s move on Fish.

  2. Yum. She looks good here. Been on a constant upgrade for the last few months.

  3. JB

    Give the girl a break, she had to do something to take the focus away from her face!

  4. lily

    cant stand her. but minus the desperation, this is the best she has ever looked. good make up, makes her nose look smaller than the size of texas

  5. Crissy

    Yup, I’d let her…

  6. Arzach

    I have always thought that this girl should give hell of a blow job, I don’t know… call it a hunch

  7. Kojak

    How this cheap girl with slut face is a tv star, and Hayden Winters end up in porn?!?

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