1. Lola

    Crazy woman… but very talented though.

  2. grobpilot

    I can hear Pee Wee Herman saying, “I meant to do that”……

  3. quitty

    She deserved to fall wearing shoes like that.

  4. Mark

    Can she be anymore of an ass clown. Others say shes talented, If so why does she do this to get attention?

  5. Crackermack

    Talent doesn’t require constant ass-clownery to remain relevant.

  6. m

    did she have to remove all that to get through security?

  7. kz

    Did she fart, too?

  8. Brooke

    See, I can get her wearing goofy stuff for photo shoots and for shows, but this is what you get for wearing KISS footwear at the airport or whatever. I wore high heels to the airport once, and with all that walking it’s not worth it. Lady Gaga, buy yourself some sneakers. We don’t really care if you keep up this silly image of yours all the time… you weren’t doing this four years ago when nobody knew who you were, so get over yourself and buy something functional.

  9. jane Gray

    Does she think looking like a fool is good publicity?? She looks so so stupid!!Well , she wants attention , any kind of attention!!

    D U M B

  10. hypocryte?

    i cannot stand this woman cause shes constantly trying to make a show of herself and her music has no emotion and no story to tell.
    but i really want the lower-half of her outfit. shoes included

  11. the biggest bitch evar

    “.. i wonder how the floor tastes like…”

  12. Eric

    who flies in that kind of get-up? what an attention whore.

  13. CS3 Fan

    I love Gaga but she looks ridiculous. I wish she would leave the costumes for her shows and interviews.

  14. sierra

    what is she trieing to prove that shes crazy? come on i like some of her outfits but that is just non-sence lol

  15. sierra

    what is she trying to prove that shes insane or is she just thinking she can walk on water or something cuz if she walks in those then might as well have her walk on water come on lady gaga use your brain

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