1. brick

    Wait! Don’t celebrities hire people that are supposed to prevent them from wearing stupid shit outfits like this in public?

  2. Moo Cow Hunter

    To think, the amount of drugs they used to get her to “smile” like this would have been enough to help a small African village.

  3. kimmykimkim

    Oh my god. Would so do.

  4. The Royal Penis

    LMAO @ the chicks checking out her ass behind her.

  5. lori

    Stupid twit. She looks like a complete idiot.

  6. Rawr

    Shes done softcore porn. She smiles a lot.

  7. cabora

    Worst dressed list

  8. Halfawitta

    Cher’s love child?

  9. The collective "meh"

    I can almost hear her sing that Disney classic…
    “Someday my tits will come”

  10. KC

    Many Bothan doilies died to bring us this outfit.

  11. Mike Hunt

    Abject proof that women should not be allowed to have any real power . Need to know how not to look stupid. Imagine if she could impose her will on us!

    • InkyBlack

      Women do impose their will on us, it’s called marriage :)
      But don’t worry, the chances of Kristen Stewart marrying you lie somewhere between zero and not happening.

  12. anonymous

    Last ditch effort to make a splash. She knows her A-List days are over.

  13. Pickles

    This would look amazing on a woman with a body that fit this kind of outfit. I actually really dig it…just not on her.

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