1. Cock Dr

    Apparently it DOES hurt her to smile.

  2. MrsWrong

    This whole vampire-eternity idea is ridiculous. Why would a guy-ANY guy-who has witnessed 1+ marriages choose to be with someone eternally. And if True Blood taught me ANYTHING it is -Only hot people become vampires-…that leaves me with two conclusions…The Edward vampire has a masochist tendancy as well as Macular Degeneration. I’d pray for him, but he’s evil…and I don’t believe in Jesus

    • MrsWrong

      PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT-If you have a problem with BOTH of the things I just said you are going to HELL (Insert maniacal laugh here)

  3. Ell

    When I see either of them.. -facepalm- -facepalm- -facepalm-

  4. Well,Im a 33,Im married and Im a mother of 3..and I think he´s so freakin sexy! I LOVE “Edward” and his character in “water for elephants”…The romance,the respect,the way he´s over protective with his girls…Once you´re married,you learn to apreciate those things lol.

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