1. “Kristen! Lean forward! We need more forehead!”

    “Great! Great! Way to keep your trademark smile. Now, can we get a little less chin?”

  2. mike

    How come everyone shits on her when she cheats with a married guy, but Angelina Jolie does the same thing and is praised, or Tori spelling? and those women WERE married.

    • Don’t forget Julia Roberts. Her husband was married when they started ‘dating’.

    • Frunken

      Because Jolie was well liked by the public and always brought in money for the industry, so of course they would side with her, whereas people were always annoyed by Stewart. Whether it was her looks, attitude, drug use (lolweed), or just being in Twilight, she had at least one thing about her that seemed to irk people.

      Plus the director’s wife (Liberty Ross) has deep ties to the entertainment and fashion industry. So just assume she set the dogs on her. Maybe Stewart can trip and Dicaprio will help her up, fixing everything. (Hey, a Sex and the City reference! You can judge me.)

    • Nicks

      Its not everyone. Just young woman. For some reason she’s always been disliked. Probably because she made the mistake of being pretty, shy, reclusive and all around not giving a fuck. You can’t be liked by other woman unless they feel superior to you in some way. Plus dating a heartthrob like Rob didn’t help either.

    • Helena Handbasket

      Yeah, I’m starting to feel sorry for her. She looks like shit.

  3. Put It In

    @ mike. How come who gives a f**k?

  4. biff

    Nice to see she’s still wearing Robert’s old clothing

  5. HolyJugEars

    Could her ears get ANY bigger?

  6. hijkmno

    She should never, ever, NEVER wear her hair back like that again. never.


  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Can you sign as “skank” please? Thanks!

  8. jim

    She REALLY looks like Camilla Belle in this picture

  9. Is she actually paying someone to make her look like that? She doesn’t even have on any mascara.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Since when did they combine Helen Hunt’s genes with Kristen Stewarts?

  11. Malobot

    I actually like this picture of her. I think that it’s a different and interesting look, rather than the typical “glamour shot” that you usually see on the red carpet.

  12. She ‘s looking a bit Posh Spicey in the fat lower lip, no upper lip way. And the total bitchface.
    Plus she looks fucking emaciated.

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