1. SIN

    This is the only legal one to pay attention to.

  2. Novo

    How come her boobs are 3 feet apart??

    • Because they’re fake, retard.

      • Some people have wide-set boobs, it’s a thing. Didn’t she just have a kid or something? If those are fake boobs, then everybody needs to go to her doctor if they want a boob-job because where she’s standing (the normal position one one critique boobs), they look like nice boobs.

        TL;DR: She’s laying down, idiot. If her boobs stay perky and you have cleavage laying down with a bikini on, that’s when your boobs are fake. You got this backwards.

  3. Kourtney really is a tasty little morsel. Unfortunately she is the one with the most annoying voice. So banging her might be fun, but she would need to be wearing a muzzle…or have a mouthful of dick.

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