1. Looks like Moses missed the water and hit her cleavage instead.

  2. So Kourtney is just gonna rub one out right there while Wookie Corn Rows watches?

  3. “Kourtney, don’t you have a kid?”

  4. So Kourtney is the only hot one now, even after kids.

  5. Reece

    Other than her unfortunately shaped jawline. I really dont see how she could be considered fat to any American (seeing that ur average woman is a size 14… & Im sure its a Walmart sz 14 which is bigger than normal) . Keep in mind that her sisters are 4’11 & 5’2 so anything next to them would seem enormous….I wouldnt stand next to them…ppl that small creep me out

  6. Lissa

    “The court is required to order the genetic testing and if a party refuses to submit to the test, the court may automatically grant the other party paternity. ” Um, get a new lawyer. They don’t just give kids to random strangers who haven’t proven paternity yet. What an idiot, and because of that statement alone makes it a likely fictitious story.

    • One thing courts absolutely detest, and punish harshly, is a party refusing to acknowledge the court’s authority. If this guy filed papers with the court asserting paternity and demanding that she comply with a request for dna testing, and she refuses, then it would create a situation where anyone could thumb their nose at the court and be rewarded for it (meaning she could defeat the paternity claim of this guy simply by refusing to obey the court’s order that she comply with dna testing). I can believe the court has the power to award the guy custody if she refuses to submit to an order for dna testing.

  7. LOL why the fuck is that random guy claiming to be Mason’s father

    • i am also from brisbane lol but anways hes NOT random they slept together while her and scott were taking a “break” and also have u seen the random guy?? looks EXACTLy like mason!

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