1. karlito

    i’ve never seen a cow wear these types of pants before.

  2. Mike

    SHE HAS THE UGLIEST BUTT EVER! photoshop is her best friend, why oh why do women want to have giant butts>>>its gross

  3. winter


  4. Mateo

    I like how she’s about to attempt to cover that ass up with the hoodie. GTFO!

  5. Damnit, we can’t embed pictures anymore??

  6. dirtdog


  7. That is UGLY! Especially sine that is her “Asset” LOL

  8. Jentilly

    Yea that ain’t going to cover it Kim, A for effort though!

  9. That’s no moon.

  10. Eris

    Dude, has she never heard of panties? Those pants are see through, does she want to flash muffin all over…wait. ya. Rhetorical question.

  11. the body that only a black man could love.

  12. elliotspitzer

    Wait … is this The Superficial or The People of Walmart site?

  13. Toe Jam

    Tag it, before it gets away!!!! Clever girl…RAWR!!!

  14. JayceeM

    Remember that scene from Indiana Jones with the giant boulder…

  15. Hector

    Like the websites say, kris humphries is theoretically the father of kanye and kims baby! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. amir

    Shes already developing the diaper butt that a lot of women get as they age… sad.

  17. sweatbag

    who the FUCK wears this and thinks they should be in public like that

  18. Someone put a trench coat on her before Martin Lawrence sees this and has an idea for another “Big Momma’s House” movie.

  19. On an unrelated note, the headline “Chris Brown Spotted Clubbing Without Rihanna” in the links is an obvious recycle. They just added the word “Without.”

  20. Jaime

    Wait til that baby pops out. That butt is going to look like twin Blimps. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  21. KC

    I clicked on “View Full Sized” and my monitor exploded.

  22. randi

    u can play dot to dot on that as with a big sharpie….. yuck

  23. Sangriatic

    Why? Why would she wear SHEER pants? Wear a skirt. Jeans. A potato sack. ANYTHING. You have no soul, Kim! You’re… you’re empty inside.

  24. JT

    Looks totally beautiful. One of the most beautiful and amazing butts Ive ever seen.

    Also, there are a lot more pics of her that go up regularly where she’s bigger looking. But only when the title says “fat” do you get fat comments…

    It’s like you guys are just kids, and don’t understand your own sexuality. so the title says huge butt, and you’re like “OMG GROSS”…you’re probably also gay and are trying to see what the media says is considered hot, or fat, so you will know, because your own bodies don’t tell you!

    • winter

      You’re kidding right? I’m sorry but it doesnt take a brain to see that she has a chucky cheese ass and you may find it attractive but unphoto shopped her as is fauking disgusting.. I think its a huge fat as what i think is its a disgusting wad of rolled up cheese and dough.. !

  25. cooky

    She could at least wear panties. I wouldn’t want to get on an exercise bike after that dumper of hers was on it.

  26. jane

    i am in love with this woman.. she is mouth dropping gorgeous.. i just salivate every time i see her from behind (and from all angles by the way) she is drop dead gorgeous and to die for.. all those negative comments are just ridiculous.. they come out of frustrated ugly people..

  27. Ahhhh! LOL that thing is going to haunt me in my dreams! If you want a sweet dream, call (386) 631-8936 and ask for Jessica. She will give you waaaay better dreams than KK

  28. Who cares

    She is so gorgeous and has a beautiful body haters got nothing better to do and they don’t look better just insult her to make themselves feel better sad pathetic lonely people.

  29. Dick

    My wife’s 50 yr old ass looks better

  30. Kim LardASShian
    SHE carrying TWINS
    I cant tell if she is coming or going LOL ;

  31. Chop

    Hide-ass (Hideous)

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