1. Cock Dr

    Jesus tap dancing Christ that’s awful.

  2. Basement Jack

    All I can picture is cracked toilet seats.

  3. vgrly

    Only the likes of Kim and Amber Rose can stretch spandex out to the point of no return.

  4. reyna


  5. suck it

    Ok I like “curves” and I have a fuller shapely butt myself, but this is just gross. Her ass matches her personality. Over inflated, obnoxious, and disusting.


  6. Obvious.

    I, and 99.9999% of other men in the country would love nothing more than to lick that and then stick that repeatedly.

    The females that love bashing her are hilariously jealous. Its priceless.

  7. Joe lunch bucket

    Thanx for ruining my lunch appetite Fish. :(

  8. Tornadita

    Not jealous at all, Kim is beautiful but that is a fat dimpled ass. I think most ladies would agree with me and say that this would be our Worst nightmare and I go to the gym to avoid this look.

  9. downwithmuffins

    i thought they jailed the fix-a-flat-in-the-ass-cheeks guy.. guess he is still on the loose?

  10. lilalo

    i and 99.9999% of other women dont believe that the higher goal in their life is to be lick and sticked in their butt repeatedly!
    Thats a low life goal for a woman we have better things on our minds you watch to much tv.

  11. Glenys


  12. hadies

    call sign lilalo2obvious,I’m calling you out,it is so obvious to me that you are JELOUS of Kims ample butt.And that you would be ultra crumby in the sack,having as you do,the sexual appitite of a NUN! Yes MOST women do not solicate sex around looking for Mr RIGHT and demanding copious amounts of money laden attention lavished on themselves.yes ,mostr women do not offer themselves up so easy.I just wonder why beautiful Kim,goes from loser to looser,and now gives a member of the talentless black communtiy,her ammazing presence and face+tushy and tittiies to such a seal faced looser as dumb dumb.could’nt sleep strait in a bed black rapper-crapper,K.West.i AM not BEING RACIST”It’s a fact HE is’nt right for her!She is amazing,while he is trashy blackman spiv/no racisism.It’s just facts!,she is amazing.He is is bell curve dumb rapper,o sue me.may be a little racist/I don’t realy care.He is a painful presence in every way!O I played a race card”OJ’s lawyer,one Robert Kardashian,her dada Oj’s best friend,would have said that.Remember OJ ANY ONE?

  13. AssMaster

    Jealous people lol.
    You know even if you had the CHANCE to see that ass in person you’d pop a boner

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