1. Jack Ketch

    Fresh fat injections. Lardass!!!!

  2. This image could probably be used for teaching difficult concepts in physics, such as curved space, the infinite density of the early universe, and of course, the event horizon around a black hole.

  3. THAT is what I call an ass…

  4. lora

    hell you could have a 12 person dinner on that ass .

  5. She’s going get her implants removed and call it a (natural) butt reduction.

    5 photos of her flat ass in 2006:

  6. Flatliner

    Huge ass or flat ass, doesn’t matter. Still going to be an asshole remaining.

  7. Speedbump

    Last time I saw an ass like that it was on a $40.00 race horse.

  8. Kim wants a flat ass? Good luck with that.

  9. More ass it that photo than a picture of Congress.

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