1. What’s with the splotchy fat white legs? Trying for the next GoDaddy gig?

  2. That’s a big sexy ass. Disagree, and you’re gay. 100%.

    • MFer

      It sure is a big sexy ass… if you like banging dudes up the asshole.

      • That makes zero sense. There’s nothing in her shape that even remotely looks masculine, hence my earlier comment…it’s complex logic, I know.

      • Well I know for sure I’m not gay. I just don’t believe in sticking my cock into any big fat sloppy diaper booty bitches like THIS ho. Athr it’s dumbfucks like YOU that have/keep this batch of useless talentless turds afloat. PLEASE DIE WITH THEM.

      • And oh…I was one of the ones that gave you 1 of your 5 thumbs down. Apparently I’m NOT the only one that doesn’t agree with your “having an ass that looks like a soggy shit filled diaper is sexy” theory.

      • Um… you’re saying her ass is like a full diaper? What about the visibly huge crack in the middle? btw i’m one of the people who gave Athr a thumbs up.

  3. this thing does not look normal

  4. Honestly, what the hell is wrong with this woman’s ass? In some pics it looks like butt implants. Others, it looks like some of the butt padding has slipped. Then, you see old pics of her in a bikini and she looks great.

    I dunno, I’m pretty mush a the point now where I’ll click on the first pic, see that she’s gotten worse than before and then move on. Seriously, if this is how they want people to transition from Kim to Kendal, well then, “Good job, people!”

  5. Awwwww yeah! All I know is:
    1. Real or not (who the hell knows?) KK’s ass is fkn huge and spectacular.
    2. Making negative comments about D-Grade celebs online is douchier than the celebutards themselves.

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